• Real Estate agency city of Palermo

  • Real Estate agency city of Palermo

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The Traim Group Realty, founded by  Claudio Tranchida and enrolled in the register of Realtors of the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo, a work from 2001, when they started the business activities with the aim of refining an operating technique closer to 360 ° consultancy, that the real estate agency classical conception. He has operated in the property sector both as regards the hiring, having professional experience in the quality of Business Partner of the brand only rentals spa, which as regards the trade and business with a brokerage dedicated division.

The agency employs a team of colleagues who in various ways place the typical agency business, while outside offers professionalism in the legal field and in the technical one who assist him to solve problems inherent in the business breakthrough.

Since 2003, Traim Group has signed a partnership with a company operating in the field of business management consulting, for the implementation of projects related to some aspects of "Real Estate". A business model for the management of the tourism sector came out - along with the CSTM association where Claudio Tranchida was vice president - and an operating mode to adopt in "Property Management" and "Facility Management".

Finally, since 2006, the Traim Group, participates in the statistical reports of TECNOBORSA and NOMISMA.

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